Monday, January 14, 2008

Call of Dudy*

As this blog name indicates, I'll admit to having a pretty wide variety of interests--freakishly wide actually.

That's the back story to explain why I was at a Czechoslovakian bagpipe performance on Friday. The Czechoslovakian bagpipe, or "dudy," is actually a lovely sounding instrument. It's not at all the piercing battle shriek of the Scottish bagpipe. It's even prettier sounding than the Irish Uilleann pipes. Plus, the dudy has this adorable little goat head at the top of the chanter.

I was expecting to enjoy the performance, but took along LB's socks just in case. Actually, not "just in case." It was more a case of "I cannot put these down even for a second." Completely by chance, I ended up sitting behind a member of our local knit guild whom I'd never met before.

Let it not be said that knitters are boring.
*Cute title, but not my own idea. The live musical performance accompanied a screening of Call of Dudy, a documentary on the Czech bagpipe festival. We now own the DVD.

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Suzy Rust said...

What an interesting concert that must have been. I wonder if my Czech genes would have enjoyed it? Canasta is doing much better, she thanks you for the good healing vibes!!!