Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Around and Around

I've been experimenting with Yarn Bee's Hollywood Special Effects yarn for a gift to our department secretaries.

It's a bit like 5 yarns in one. There's a chenille bit, then a ribbon bit, then an eyelash bit, then a ladder bit, then a different ribbon bit.

The bits, however, aren't terribly long; say around 10 inches or so. Knit on size 13s, the changes happen about every 7 stitches.

The yarn really, really wants to be knit in stockinette. The bumpiness of garter stitch just hides the lovely textures of the yarn. I had previously tried a scarf with some alternating stripes of stockinette and garter, but it wasn't enough to keep the scarf from curling. Blocking had no effect, since it's an acrylic yarn.

For this one, I first tried double knitting it, but that technique broke up the scarf even more, making the changes happen every 3 stitches. I considered knitting it flat in stockinette, which would let some color changes stack up at the top and bottom of various rows. But seaming an entire scarf did not appeal.

At the moment, it's being worked in the round on size 13 DPs and looks pretty good.

Still, it's not the quick knit I had hoped. On the plus side, the colorway is called "The Oscars!"

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