Monday, October 15, 2007

In the Works

I've begun seaming up the base layer of my hairpin lace shawl--incredibly tedious.

I've also been busting my ass to grade and have cleared the decks of a great deal. All that remains--
  • 20 5-page papers on environmental footprints
  • 30 5-paragraph essays on the ideal spouse

This is the time--*the time after really busting to get midterm grades in on time--that I want to treat myself to a break. The linen dress is calling. The hairpin shawl is calling. I could be researching nineteenth-century clothing, eighteenth-century dance. I could be dancing with the stars.

Grading is my least favorite part of my job.


*it turns out that the origin of the dash (--) comes from word "dash," as in "she dashed his brains in." Cool.

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