Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Always Knew I Was a Rock Star

I know I've really made it now. I hope I'm not ruining a surprise or anything, but I think I may have had a colorway named after me. That only happens to famous knitters, like the January One colorway at Socks that Rock.

I was admiring some images on Etsy and noticed a gorgeous colorway called "Dance Mistress." I know for sure there's not too many of those out there. Yep, it's me after all.

I'm simply giddy with excitement. Rachel, you're the best.

So, in the spirit of ruining surprises, here's a small sampling of what I made for knit night tonight:


Annie said...

And we were all enchanted!

Rachel said...

How could I not name a mardi gras colored yarn after you? Silly rockstar.