Thursday, November 01, 2007

So Much for Being Special

Last night for Halloween, I wore my new 1807 dress. Since it was new, and hand stitched, I felt pretty special. I even got out the curling iron and managed not to burn myself.

Folks took pictures. Hell, I even took pictures, since my cleavage was something to behold.

Then today, I ran across this knitted dress from the same period.

I don't speak Danish, but a translator program came up with this suggestion. You can zoom in and out to your heart's content here. I tend to think it's knitted, but it's hard to tell with such an open pattern. A zoom reveals what looks like garter stitch near the bottom.

This dress? This dress is really special, although I just might be able to take her in a cleavage fight.

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Anna McClurg said...

That site is Amazing!There are a bunch of patterns in pdf format that you can download. Pretty sweet! :)