Monday, July 23, 2007

Busy, Busy

In a desperate attempt to keep from knitting and allow my elbows to heal a bit from the anniversary sweater, I have been sewing. Sewing like a fiend. Sewing like a crazy woman.

In the space of two days I made the following:

* a petticoat out of embroidered lawn. It's fairly plain as far as petticoats go, but I wanted something to help prevent the dreaded VHL (visible hoop lines). I could probably stand to make another one.

* a collar and cuffs out of some antique eyelet. I've had this in my stash for a long time, and it's always reminded me of Broken Vows by Phillip Hermogenes Calderon. Don't forget to click on the link. It's a painting that lives next to my desk.

* a nightcap out of embroidered lawn (the original pattern called for spotted muslin), lace, and vintage silk ribbon. I'm really pleased with the way this one turned out. The pattern was reprinted in R.L. Shep's Civil War Ladies. I had to enlarge the pattern a bit, but it all went together in about a day and a half of solid hand sewing.

* When I was done all that, I also picked up a quilt I had put down about two years ago and quilted quite a bit. I apparently set it down for long enough for it to have become some sort of allergen colony and I've been sneezing for the past two days. No pix of the quilt because it may be a surprise if it's ever done.

But none of it worked actually. I have knit after all, finishing the Mardi Gras armlets. I had to add a bit of elastic to the top and think they would look great whip stitched into a little cap-sleeved black tee.

Given how much yarn is left and my tendency to tweak patterns, I'll be fighting the urge to knit up another set.

I wonder what I could sew instead.

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