Monday, March 05, 2007

An Ozark Spring

It turns out that, although I thought I had outgrown carsickness, really I had only outgrown being a passenger.

It turns out that going up and down the hills of the Ozarks will turn me just as green as going up and down the hills of the Blue Ridge.

Who knew?

It also turns out that, even with taking four projects along for the ride, I made several poor choices in my quest for travelling knitting, especially given the car sickness. It turns out that I actually made four poor choices.

It turns out that there was no mystery to why the ballerina sweater was two feet too wide. It turns out that getting nine stitches to four inches instead of twelve will have that result. It also turns out that going down three additional needles sizes, even after doing a quicky gauge, will get me thirteen stitches, too small. One of these days it will turn out just right, but not on this road trip.

It also turns out that a road trip is not a great time to start the miser's purse from the January issue of Piecework. You know, since it's done in the round with lace weight on 000s and all.

It turns out that I didn't have enough handspun yarn in charcoal and indigo to finish a striped sleeping cap.

It turns out that the charity hat, which employs double knitting on 120 stitches and is cool in concept, actually involves knitting 22 inches of k1, slip 1 purlwise. It turns out that 22 inches of k1, slip 1 purlwise is unbelieveably boring.

Above all, it turns out that bottle feeding two orphaned lambs every four hours makes none of the above matter in the least.


Cindy said...

I get incredibly car sick on those roads even without trying to knit too! We're going on a couple car trips this summer where my hubby will be doing most of the driving. I've already warned him that I want to time any of my "giving him a break from the driving" to be on the non-interstate parts of the trip.

& boring or not, I'm planning & preparing several pieces of plain stockinette in the round for the road trips. (Heck, it may be the only way I can handle the boringness that is miles & miles of plain stockinette in the round.)

The baby lambs are ADORABLE though! Very, very cute.

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

The good news is that they are now grazing in the pasture. And that big dog there, Florrie, will be keeping them safe.