Friday, March 02, 2007

All About the Possibilities

One of LB's critical elements is that he is all about the possibilities. He can plan a kitchen or a hoop skirt business or a menu or an electrical circuit or a wedding for literally years on end. He can see every variable, every possible contingency, which naturally makes execution a problem.

Asking him to clear off the stairs can be mind boggling. The stairs can't be cleared because one thing on it is necessary for a project, but that project can't be begun until this other thing is moved, and that other thing can't be moved until he's made some kind of a place for it, and he can't make some kind of a place for it because he's waiting to hear back from someone, and anyway the tool he needs is on the job, and he can't pull it off the job, and another tool he needs is broken, and if he still lived in Indiana he could have had it fixed by now, and . . .

Actually, it can go on for much, much, much longer from there, but blood is usually coming out of my ears at this point. And when I'm not in the midst of it all, I can feel dangerously smug about how organized my sock drawer is, and my calendar, and my purse, and my bill paying, whatever.

The trouble is though, that I have no right to feel smug. I'm headed off on a road trip to Springfield, MO and the flurry of finishing has led to the inevitable funk.

I don't know what to knit.

I started a sock last night, but it was too big. I started a second sleeping cap, but found I had lost a ball of yarn in the previous 6 hours. I actually have a driver this time, so I can knit complicated. Well, not so complicated that I get car sick, but fairly complicated. I've got a million things half done, but I can't take any of them because I can barely figure out math in the living room, let alone hurtling down the highway. If I start something new, I would need to take all my needles with me in case I can't get gauge. I'm wanting to knit something cute and vintage, but there's no time or money to buy yarn before I leave.

I'm all about the possibilities at the moment, and the driver arrives at 2:30. I'd better move on into the execution phase.


Cindy said...

Blogger wouldn't let me post any comments yesterday. I love your sunburst sling bag. It's so pretty. I also like the belt (the Mardi Gras colors are so pretty), but I'm not a belt person either. Maybe you could wear it as a decorative scarf?

Deb-o said...

Thanks! Maybe the belt will push me to be a bit more fashion adventurous.