Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Quick Hit

What do you grab when you need a quick knit?

I just mailed off 2 pairs of socks yesterday and need to grab something else to knit tonight. I deliberately put off the decision this morning, because I'm getting my taxes done this afternoon. Instead of knitting, I packed the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair. Otherwise, I might be tempted to stab the poor accounting student with my knitting needles when I hear the actual bill. It turns out the Republicans are right about this marriage penalty thing, dammit.

I have lots of UFOs, but the reason they're UFOs is that something is wrong and requires math to solve. This fits in with why someone else is doing my taxes. In math class, I had my head buried in my desk, reading Jane Eyre. Math completely passed me by.

As a result, I can't grab the mohair cocoon that I need to shorten so it won't magnify my ass, the Colorwaves ballet sweater that mysteriously is about 2 feet too wide, the tweed turtleneck that won't fit over my hips, the Homespun cabled turtleneck that I can't even recall why I didn't finish, the Alice Starmore Aran cable sweater with the really off row gauge, the Nigerian Lottery Project and its need for some sort of bottom border in a specialty yarn that I have no idea how to attach and it turns out won't work on the lazy daisy tool, or whatever else is tucked away, unfinished, in my sewing room.

Lately, I've been grabbing sock yarn and working up some baby socks with the leftovers. But my joints are screaming out for a change. The other option is a preemie cap, but that's no different than baby socks. There's the possibility of a charity hat, but I'm not feeling it at the moment.

I think I'm going to Knit a River. Klose Knit is collecting 50 squares and I think I can manage one or two.

What would you pick?


Anonymous said...

I'm nearly done with my ballet sweater. Instead of Colorwaves I'm using KnitPicks alpaca. It'll be my first sweater for myself.

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

How are you liking it? I think I've decided to rip mine out & start again. It's a very pretty sweater.