Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Most people think that the twelve days of Christmas are some sort of countdown to the big day and presents, but they're actually the days between Christmas and Epiphany. All well and good for the religious sorts, but for the rest of us, it's important to know this fact because Epiphany marks the beginning of CARNIVAL! (If I were smart enough w/ html, that word would be flashing in purple, green and gold; be glad I'm not that computer literate. Let's just say that I'm excited and that I love this time of year)

LB and I will be out parading tomorrow night--it's a wonderful semi-secret little parade through the streets of Soulard accompanied by Joia. Put on some beads and come on out at 8 pm.

I hope I can stay up that late. I went to a birthday party tonight and after a few pomegranate cocktails and while we were all cavorting in the living room to "Lady Marmalade," someone suggested a mass trip to go pole dancing. LB sweetly suggested we would stay behind in case the birthday girl's 7-year-old woke up and so that the husband of the birthday girl could enjoy the show.

I've washed the cocktail glasses, wiped the counters, run the dishwasher, gathered up the 17 feather boas, and spent the rest of the time surfing the net because LB promptly fell asleep on the couch. The allegedly one-hour pole dancing expedition has not yet ended, but the bar was supposed to close at one; stay tuned for updates.

In knitting news, it turns out there is enough yarn in 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces to make basic socks for a woman and an infant. Since I'm about to go visit an infant, the socks are well underway. Since I'm currently at a strange house on a strange computer, no photos are available, but they pretty much look like these, but tinier.

UPDATED TO ADD: Baby bee socks! Thanks for the name, Lucinda.

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Lucinda said...

How nice of you to volunteer to babysit! We're going to a birthday party tonight, but since I'd like my parents to keep babysitting for me, we plan to be home a *little* earlier than your friends. ;-)

Well, that & hubby is recovering from a cold & not up for staying out really late.

Baby Bee socks sound really cute!