Monday, January 08, 2007


We're off to NYC at about 6 am tomorrow. I'm hoping for souvenir yarn (I love that expression), but we're definitely on a budget. I'm more likely to come home with a pressed penny or two.

Our wonderful friends Rhys and Christina gave us the tickets so that we could visit them and their baby. Knitted presents are naturally coming their way, and since it's unlikely they'll read this before we arrive, here they are, aside from the Baby Bee Socks:

The hat is knit in the round with every single bit of 1 skein of Noro Silk Garden in a 4x4 rib. Even LB, who never, ever wears a stocking cap pouted about me giving this one away. Time to knit (including doing 5" of it in size 8s and frogging and re-doing in a size 7)--less than 1 day.

The Princess Royal scarf in Blue Sky Alpaca. It took me not so long to knit this--I bought the yarn when detouring from the Praxair explosion in Lafayette Square--but a very long time to make, of all things, the tassels. I knew I would give it to Christina, but I will admit to having worn it twice in the few weeks it's been done. The pattern is a Civil War pattern.

Souvenir yarn, here I come!

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Cindy said...

Have fun in NYC! The knitted presents look lovely!