Friday, July 13, 2012

Old Times (part 2 of 3)

After the event, we toured the Hunter-Dawson home and I photographed a few gems, including this blue glass darning egg (prob. 20th century, but still lovely)

There was a beautiful silk embroidered doily (likely also from the early 20th century)

This 1840s portrait of the owner and her son shows one of my favorite accessories: a coral necklace.

Upstairs were some exquisite little baby things (perhaps from a variety of mid- to late-19th century dates)

Just look at the details on this tiny coat

One room had some mourning items, including this necklace

and this watch fob

The tiny little man got a chance to display himself as a font of knowledge and I got to see a a few of the garments he had made for the display. He has a coarse hand and has fortunately given up sewing.

... more to come ...

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