Monday, February 27, 2012

New Stuff!

On Saturday, in spite of having five house guests, I set up for my annual booth at the reenactor swap meet. I never expect to sell much, largely because shoppers are there bargain hunting and I charge a fair price for my knitting.

Still, I did sell some things: two shirts, a purse, a sortie cap, some used books, and a few odds and ends. LB sold a soapstone warmer.

Unlike in past years, I forgot to take photographs of my table. I did, however, photograph some of what I bought. What? You didn't think I left without shopping and spending all my profits?

I picked up these fun buckles, from a number of time periods.

I think the brass one is my favorite.

I got these two prints, titled "The Life and Age of Woman" and "The Life and Age of Man." They date from 1848, and I just love them.

Finally, I spotted this tin box. I'd been looking for a new cash box, since for years I have been using an old tin lunch pail for my money box.

Then, the seller opened it and I saw this:

Holy Smackers! It was an original japanned tin spice box. Wow, do I feel lucky.

I also set up a barter for a Prairie Traveler bed. More on that when I get it.

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