Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mardi Gras Swap -- Outgoing

My Mardi Gras spoilee waited to open her package until her own had shipped out, so it took a bit. Here's what I sent:

I sort of went with a cooking theme, so I sent some plates, bowl, and platter.

I got 12 cloth cocktail napkins, a wine glass charm, some teas, and a few pamphlets on Mardi Gras cookery and festivities from early St. Louis history. I even threw in some treats for her pup.

I also sent a bit of Mardi Gras bling.

For yarniness, she said she liked drawstring bags, so I sent this one as well as 3 different Mardi Gras stitch markers.

Finally, for the yarn bit, I sent a skein of Dyeabolical cotton warp. For the crafty bit, I made three things (well, 5 really): three dishcloths in purple, green, and gold, two having masks on them; a Mardi Gras barrette/brooch/clip; a Mardi Gras business card holder; and a silk lariat-type necklace I designed.

With the end of Mardi Gras comes the start of Lent, which is somewhat a time of reflection and seems somber at first. We hit up a fish fry at a Hispanic church this first Friday of Lent and it wasn't somber at all: tamale carts, teeny-tiny dancers in colorful skirts, and even a mariachi band. Hooray for Lent!

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