Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three Socks. Six Socks.

If I get my act together today, I can honestly say that I completed three pairs of socks this month.

I'll pause while you re-read the above sentence.

Yes, three. Three pairs.

For some reason, I sat down one Sunday afternoon, turned the heel, and knitted the entire foot of the second ghostie sock, then finished the toe the next day.

Then, I picked up and knitted from start to finish a pair of house shoes using some worsted scraps in my stash.

I'd seen some really ugly finishing work on Ravelry, so I put some extra thought and time into attaching the soles.

I'd bought the soles a few years ago and they were cluttering up my sewing room. Problem solved.

The last pair is a pair of Civil War socks. The yarn is a dark, dark blue, almost black, so when I was rushing last night and dropped a stitch, I couldn't see to fix it. Not counting the error, I am one row from finishing, but fixing the error could take a few hours.

Three. Three pairs.



textilehistorIE said...

Nice! What pattern did you use for the Civil War socks, do you mind me asking :)

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

I used one of Robin Stokes' kits. I had bought it from her at a workshop she gave, but she also sells them on her website. I find her directions really easy to follow.