Tuesday, January 03, 2012

More Roan Innish Knitting

No one has answered the Roan Inish question yet, but here are a few more knitwear photos from the film.

Fiona wears a lovely lacy cardigan

Later, she layers on the Fair Isle, a look I love.

Baby Jaime is swaddled in a garter stitch blanket made from a rather fine yarn.

The cousin wears another vintage look I'm rather fond of: a sweater tucked into belted trousers.

Their grandfather wears a nice gansey too.

The costume designer must have fallen over when she spotted this lacy vintage undershirt. It is just such a thing of beauty.

Naturally, there's a knitted tea cosy

and finally granny knitting away in front of the fire--something else I'm rather fond of.

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quiltyknitwit said...

I sure liked that movie but didn't pay any attention to the knits (wasn't knitting too much in those days). Nice commentary.