Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sock Monkey Swap -- Incoming

I got an amazing sock monkey swap package. I needed a little something to restore my faith in swapping.

There were lots of brown paper packages,

delicious chocolate,

tons of stitch markers,

tons of yarn (seriously, five skeins! wow!)

a pattern from my wish list and notions,

a project bag (which I have put over a jar and am using to hold Tunisian hooks) and some mitts.

Look how gorgeous these mitts are. I have long, slim hands and these mitts fit perfectly. I've been wearing them indoors regularly and don't even have to take them off to knit, that's how well they fit.

Finally, there was also a Mardi Gras-themed sock monkey. We've named him Mardi G. Monkey. Steuben grabbed him by the head and tried to run off with him, but I was able to rescue little Mardi.

That night, I used the needles, stitch markers and a skein of the yarn to cast on these Turkish Bed Socks.


I love when swappers really pay attention to the small details and are able to work it into the swap. Yay!

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