Monday, August 22, 2011

What's on the Pins

I've done a reasonable job putting FOs up on Ravelry*, but my WIPs are getting away from me. I'm thinking a few dots will help.

On the pins:

  • The ghostie socks (about 40% done--I'm ready to decrease for the toe, but the pattern and the yarn got separated.

  • The sock yarn blankie (25% done)

  • A beautiful Mardi Gras neckwarmer with gift yarn from Doctor Knitter (30% done)

  • A pair of garters (40% done)

  • Handcharmers (50% done)

  • A sortie cap (90% done, just waiting on the trim)

  • A princess royal scarf (90% done, just waiting on seaming)

  • Doug's mitts (languishing mightily)

  • A Mardi Gras shrug
Consignments/To Do List:

  • ruffly cuffs for my friend Matthew of the Unceasing Fabulosity

  • an grey, blingy Ondas Luxe scarf, also for Matthew

  • a Civil War sleeping cap barter for a certain young banjo player

  • A few projects for the Sock Monkey Swap

  • A few projects for the Favorite Historical Era Swap
Yarn I'm dying to work with:

  • Brown Sheep's new Legacy Lace. I picked up skeins in red, a light denim, and off-white. It's a really nice 2-ply.
There's definitely more in deep hibernation, but the length of this list ought to kick my focus into gear.

That said, I just this afternoon got a prezzie of the Isis Mystery shawl pattern and, were the yarn I want to use wound into a ball already, I'd be casting on yet another project.
grammar tip of the day: It's "FOs" not "FO's", the latter being reserved solely for possessives.

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