Monday, December 20, 2010

Time for Some Vegetables

  • All the grades are done and submitted. I read some amazing in-class final essay exams. One student correctly used the adjective "Brechtian" twice and mentioned "the fourth wall." Why the hell didn't he speak up more in class?
  • The dance workshop and gig went reasonably well as did the post-gig dinner for 30+. Next gig is not until 1/8. My throat held out until halfway through the third set, and I was able to cover up the fact that I could no longer speak.
  • The student, he-who-never-had-turned-in-any-writing, never did turn in any writing.
  • House guest has gone home, but left a tray of homemade baklava, which may or may not have been my primary form of sustenance for the last two days.
  • I need to make a homemade red velvet cake tomorrow and because I am an icing snob, I also need to make cooked icing (cream cheese is too obvious).
  • I still have a million things to do before Xmas, and my friend has pressured us into leaving a few days early, but I think I can reasonably knit without guilt once again.

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yoel said...

I get baklava and balaclava mixed up when I say either of them out loud. Very tricky!