Monday, December 13, 2010

Operator Error

Yesterday, Steuben got one of Natalie's hand-knitted dog kerchiefs. I confess to having dropped a few strong hints along the way.

Steuben tried humping the bejeezus out of Natalie's dogs before he got fixed. Even the three-legged one managed to evade his amorous advances, but that didn't stop him from trying.

Natalie said she made the kerchief blue so that it would be manly, given all Steu's excess testosterone.

Steu feigned ignorance/innocence.
Lest I be thought cruel, I have received notice that my semi-annual dots postings are the main reason people read my blog.

Y'all are sadists, I say.

Done (in the last 2.5 days)
  • 22 four-page papers proposing a solution to a community problem.
  • 1 final exam written, then rearranged to make it look like 2 different exams
  • 1 rock-star dance gig, to which came, I kid you not, Swedish tourists, 2 drunk homeless guys (who ended up leaving in handcuffs), an entire 14-person wedding party complete with bouquets and a team of photographers, and a field trip from a school for the blind.
On the Desk
  • 1 final exam to write for my Shakespeare and Film class (due Thurs)
  • 21 final exams to grade (due next Monday)
  • 21 four-page papers proposing a solution to a community problem (due today)
  • 20 two-page papers saying something about The Tempest (due Thurs)
  • 6 two-page papers on The Taming of the Shrew (due Thurs)
  • 1 very sore throat
  • 21 final exams
  • 20 final essay exams in a tidy stack of blue books
  • the potential of 3 papers from a student who has not turned in a single scrap of writing all semester
  • 1 house guest
  • 1 rock star gig and 1 fairly intensive dance workshop to craft, complete with handouts

You just want to see me suffer.


Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

He looks very viril.

Rachel said...

Yay, dots! It makes the rest of us feel better about the amount of work we have to do and leaves us a little in awe about how much you get accomplished in a week. Let me know if you need to blow Thursday off. I would completely understand.