Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yarn Bombing

A few weeks ago, my neighborhood got yarn bombed. I happened to be away at a reenactment that weekend, so I can prove I'm not the bomber.

Plus, I wouldn't use brown.

I found eight different bombs, several of which seem to be recycled from sweaters, and was able to photograph six of them.

Some were fairly simple.
Others, more elaborate.
Last year, a local artist made individualized bike racks for neighborhood businesses,* a bit like medieval guild signs, and the bomber made great use of them.
Thank you, yarn bomber whomever** you are. You brighten my evening perambulations***
*There's a carrot top for a locavore restaurant, a full carrot for its grocery store counterpart, a gavel for a lawyer, a martini glass and beer stein for some bars, bubbles for a car wash, gogo boots for a vintage clothing store, a retro rocket ship for a retro antique store, a scooter for a scooter dealer, and more.

**Want to know when to use "who" and when to use "whom"? The technical grammar terms would have you distinguish between subject case and object case. Just substitute "he" for "who" and "him" for "whom." Normally I'm against gender specific language, but "him" offers a wonderful mneumonic device: himmmmmm = whommmmmm

***I am no longer able to utter the word "walk" aloud lest I be obligated to walk the dog. I do a lot of perambulating, strolling, taking a constitutional, and occasionally we "tomamos un paseo."


Stephanie Ann said...

I guess it's a lot cleaner than toilet paper!

passementarie said...

OOOh, I do enjoy perambulating! I hope you also take a turn or two! PS. I love the *s, they always make me happy.