Friday, October 08, 2010

Dog Photos

Last July, I took little Steuben to photographer Doug Harding in an attempt to get a period photo. Steu ended up looking like Cerberus.

Yesterday we tried again. Steu is that much older, and I'm hopeful we got at least one usable photo.

Still, I've seen lots of period photos of blurry dogs.

A few other doggy dots:

  • Amazing collection of nineteenth-century pet photos, including this one of a Cavalier. Take the time to look; there are goats, birds (parrots, doves, a chicken, a hawk, a sparrow), kittens, a fawn, rabbits, and dogs of all kinds (terriers, greyhounds, Great Danes, mastiffs, poodles, pointers, spaniels, setters, and others of dubious ancestry). The collection also offers a great look at how pugs looked different in the nineteenth-century. (the site seems a bit unstable in urls; hopefully these links will work for awhile)
  • On Sunday, we're going to the Canine Games at Purina Farms. We had a blast last year, and got a few hints that our tiny dog just may be a frisbee dog after all.
  • I just started reading Loyal Hearts, the story of dogs during the Civil War. I can't say much about the text yet, but the photos are amazing.


Obligatory knitting content:

  • This week I pulled out a project that had been balled up at the bottom of my knitting bag for at least three or four months and finally finished it. Photos forthcoming as soon as I can borrow a baby.
  • I bought the ghostie sock yarn off of Rachel and am going to attempt it. I'm trying not to make them my October socks.
  • The actual October socks are well underway; I'm knitting the heel flap on the first sock.


passementarie said...

Oh No! The 19th century pet photo link is broken! That sounds like an amazing collection. I want to see it. Can you re-post it please?

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

I think I've fixed it; hopefully it will last a bit.