Monday, October 04, 2010

Dog Fest

I need to spend a huge chunk of time today uploading photos of Dogfest, a yearly gathering of musicians and their beasties. Lots of music festivals don't allow pets, so some friends started hosting a dog-friendly gathering on the first weekend in October.

Over the past few years Dogfest has grown. Musicians and pups came in from Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Chicago, and beyond. Dogs romp around, play in the creek, fetch, and beg for treats off-leash for three days. At night, they wear glow necklaces so that no one steps on them. All you can see at night is the whirl of pink, yellow, green, and blue glow rings as the pups chase one another.

The first weekend in October can be pretty dang cold, so I packed a few sweaters for Steu just in case. The extras came in handy as I was able to loan one out to the one other small dog at the gathering--Gibson.

Steu was exhausted and passed out cold under a quilt in my lap by 8 p.m. He didn't even wake up when Gibson jumped in my lap and sat on him.

I knit all dog sweaters out of washable yarns, which comes in handy when your dog discovers the joys of vole hunting:

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Looks like Stue had a good time. Loved pics of exhausted dog on the way home.