Friday, October 01, 2010

It Gets Better

Totally non-knitting content today, but all the better for it.

One of the things I love about teaching college is the students*. At this very moment in their lives, they look the prettiest they will ever be, stand the most open to possibilities and the least ground down by the pressures of life, especially the fall semester of their freshman year. Plus, they wear really cute clothes.

At this very moment, everything is possible for them. In the fall, their youth and energy and optimism and hope buoy me every single time I walk across the campus.

Tyler Clementi's death just as he started college breaks my heart. Our world is so much the less for his loss; we will never hear him play the violin, act, smile, thrive. He was a beautiful boy--Hell, a child of God if that's your thing--and his death is wrong, wrong, wrong. So was JeHeem Herrera's, Billy Lucas', and far too many others'.

I've been watching videos from the It Gets Better Project and can't really add anything more powerful than what those posters have to say except to repeat that life does get better after high school and even college.

Hang in there.
*that, and the ability to work in my pajamas.

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