Thursday, June 17, 2010

Process Knitting

I'm pretty honest about being a process knitter. I want to know how things work; I want to crank out the knitwear and don't so much care about the finished object.

I've found though, that knitting two socks at once on one circular needle is too much process, even for me.

I like the pattern and lovelovelove the yarn (Strong Arm Sock Yarn by Dyeabolical).

They languished for months, however. The last eight rows before decreasing for the toes took me about six weeks. I'd carry my knitting bag from place to place, then never work on the socks at all.

To knit two socks at once on one circular, first I had to carefully remove the project from my bag, then I had to untangle the two skeins from one another, then untangle them from the cables. Next I had to turn the work to find out where I'd left off. Knitting each side of the sock necessitated shifting the needles, then the cables, and often the yarn.

I don't suffer (much) from second sock syndrome, so I'm letting go of this technique.

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

It does help to put the yarn is zippy bags to keep the balls of yarn from getting crazy. (I can't believe I am giving you oh Knit Goddess advice)