Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cavalier Swap #1--Outgoing

I've frittered away my bit of blogging time by looking at Hello Kitty surprise balls and catching up on blog posts. I haven't even had a chance to look at Facebook.

So, just some quick pics of what I sent to Ireland for the cavalier swap.
For gifties, I focused on some of Steu's favorite things (and yes, cat butt ranks high on his list)

He also likes the more socially acceptable tugs, toys, and tricks.
I couldn't resist the laser toy when I saw the label.
Plus, it was at Marshall's, marked down from $25 to $2! I love seeing how much I can fit in a swap box without going over price. The trick book was also a Marshall's find and the rope toy came from the dollar store.

Along the same lines, I found a cute collar charm at the dog museum, also on sale for $2.

The dog museum also had some great freebies, including newsletters and bookmarks.

While Steu is not fond of baths, he tolerates them well, so I included some egg soap from k.hall (also on sale) and bubble bath for my partner's kids. I found the bubble bath and the nail file at the humane society gift shop.

I traded yarn monkey time for the roving and cotton, so no cash outlay there.

For the knitted items, I dove into my stash for leftover Sugar n' Cream to make a water bottle holder and some acrylic (for washability) and Tahki Cotton Classic to make the Irish rose for an oatmeal hat.

Oatmeal hats are useful things for dogs with long, silky ears. Steu, however, was a little shy to be photographed in girls' clothes. His oatmeal hat is much more manly.

Finally, I ordered some spaniel and bone charms on ebay and commissioned the lovely and talented but blogless Suzanne to make some stitch markers.

Thank god I was so frugal on the swap--because the postage to Ireland just about killed me.

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