Monday, December 14, 2009


It does not look like it, but I've made astounding progress.

On the Desk:
  • 25 final exams
  • 8 in-class essays on a short story
  • 3 3-page papers presenting a poem to a high school class (After some consultation, I've decided that I did not dumb down the writing assignment. It was a 200-level introductory class and not designed for English majors, those magical creatures.)
  • 2 2.5-page papers writing to a hostile audience
  • 19 8-page research papers
  • 22 4-page papers explaining a concept
  • 22 3-page papers proposing a solution


  • 44 final exams
  • 1 Rock Star gig, including a two-hour workshop on a topic yet to be fully determined
  • 2 house guests

Next deadline: one batch of grades due by 5 p.m.

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