Monday, August 17, 2009


Wow, August 6. Everyone keeps telling me how well I do at being online without a home computer, but apparently not. I've been not returning emails, not checking blogs, not seeing Ravelry updates. I even had crops wither on the vine on my F*cebook farm. Shameful.

I wish I could seem all cyber-serene, but I can't. I love being online. Can happily waste hours a day online. I just can't justify the expense of a home computer and internet access.

With school starting, I should be back to posting.

Since August 6, not much has been happening. Steuey got a bath, with a Mardi Gras cup, natch.

He seems to be recovering nicely.

I've slowly been getting back to knitting, but can't say much about it because it's for an upcoming swap. Took an amigurumi class but haven't taken a photo yet. Began a new Mardi Gras shrug, but also no photo.

I hope to be more interesting soon.

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