Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hitting the Road

Yesterday, I got to pull a rock-star diva when Saturday's band called to see what kind of pizza I wanted for dinner. No pizza for me. I'll be lucky if my voice holds out until Saturday night and pizza would send it over the edge.

I sound more diva than I really was. They offered me a choice of pizza or Vietnamese, and I picked the latter. Still, it was nice being a diva for half a moment.

For Lenora*:
  • On Thursday evening, a house guest arrives who is going off for the weekend with LB.
  • On Friday morning, I pick up 23 8-page research papers.
  • On Friday afternoon, I drive to Urbana to be a rock star.
  • On Saturday morning, I start driving to DesMones.
  • On Saturday afternoon, I'll still be driving.
  • On Saturday evening, I get to be a rock star in DesMoines.
  • On Sunday morning, I start driving back to St. Louis.
  • On Sunday afternoon, I will still be driving.
  • On Sunday afternoon, I will NOT be able to see Ysolda Teague when she visits Urbana, since I just left there.
  • On Monday morning, I start teaching an eight-week Intro. to Lit. class for which I have not yet written the syllabus.
  • On Tuesday morning, I will still be teaching the Intro. to Lit. class.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, my grades for the research paper class will be due.

That's it. I definitely need to be a diva--I want wifi, and a hotel room, and sheets with an obnoxiously high thread-count, and a massage, and a personal assistant, and a personal chef, and a driver.

I want expensive chocolates, and abundant flower arrangments, and fancy-schmanzy bottled water.

I want to cancel things due to "exhaustion" when really I've just gone on a bender.

I want to expand time and be able to be in three places at once.

If I were a real diva, I could snap my fingers and make it so.


*For some reason, Lenora likes dots--the more the better. I think she may have a wee sadistic streak.


Anna McClurg said...

i would have been green with envy if you got to meet Ysolda.

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

It is hard to be diva, you are required to always be fabulous, it is very exhausting....