Friday, May 29, 2009

Showers of Lettuce

Take away my knitting and I start paying a whole lot more attention to politics. If you hear anyone critiquing Sotomayor for being empathetic, or bringing her rich life experience to bear as she hears cases, please refer them to this transcript of the hearings to nominate Justice Alito.

Hypocrisy anyone?

On a happier note (although I am VERY happy that this president gets a chance to name a Supreme Court justice), I am inundated with lettuce.


We get big bags in our Fair Shares every two weeks; plus, I planted lettuce this year.

Unfortunately, I'm not a big salad fan. I've been eating a salad every evening with dinner, but that only uses up a few leaves, really. I've made some entree-sized salads, then taken leftovers to lunch the next day, but I still can't stay on top of things.

Seriously, we have a lot of lettuce. As in bags and bags of it. Plus pea shoots and radish sprouts. Plus what we've grown in our garden.

I put out a desperate call on Facebook. I got suggestions for burrito fillings (good, but again, only a few leaves at a time), sandwich toppings (a few leaves per sandwich), lettuce wraps (again, only a few leaves).

Then someone sent a suggestion for lettuce cake. Yep, you heard right. And seriously, it's really good. I used the most mild lettuce we had. Delicious. I ate two slices last night and one for breakfast this morning.

I also made lettuce soup for dinner from a 1930s cookbook. I was pretty damn skeptical about any recipe that called for boiling lettuce for 20 minutes and had green food coloring as an optional ingredient, but it also was pretty good.

About 90% of the ingredients came from Fair Shares, everything but the spices (Penzey's) and the cream: chicken stock, lettuce, rice, cream, onion, butter, egg yolk, nutmeg, salt, pepper.

LB did shout something about "FUCKING LETTUCE SOUP!!!" when I told him what we were having, but eventually even he agreed that it wasn't terrible. I don't claim it's the best soup ever, but I did use up a ton of lettuce.

Now to come up with something to do with the remaining three tons.


Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Hey any rice dish can be presented on a bed of lettuce and used to wrap it in for utensilless eating.

Bridgett said...

The greens that aren't technically lettuce I saute. It's so satisfying to watch a bag of mustard greens the size of a bed pillow turn into a cereal bowl sized side dish...