Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well hello, Kitty!

My swap arrived! All the way from Paris, France! Seriously, half the joy of this swap was saying "Paris, France" over and over again.

I tried really hard to keep my expectations low for this, my first swap. I kept my focus on having fun finding projects that might please my partner, and since she was from Paris, France, I aimed for chic.

I won't post what I made until my package arrives in Paris, France, but her package arrived yesterday.

The fibery stuff:

  • A purple headband, which I really like. My partner just pinned on the felt kitty so that I could take it off if I wanted.
  • Knitted, black mitts, with a little bow. I can change out the colors whenever I like. I've very fond of these.
  • A crocheted granny square with Hello Kitty. I don't know what I'll do with it, but she's very cute. LB was impressed with her whiskers.
  • A Hello Kitty bag. I like this a lot too. I threw it in my trunk for farmer's market days. I'll feel all summery and eco-friendly.
The Hello Kitty stuff:

I was surprised to get a ton of HK stuff in addition to the crocheted items, since my partner said that Paris didn't have a Sanrio store. She let her two children each pick out one item to send to me. From top to bottom, left to right:
  • a coloring book from her son (since I'm a girl and his grandmother says that coloring is relaxing)
  • bubbles
  • trading cards (including one HK Alice in Wonderland card. Squeee!)
  • a macrame bracelet with a homemade HK charm
  • 344 HK stickers
  • 2 HK note cards
  • postcards of Paris, France (note to self: remember to include postcards in future swaps)
  • HK bath gels
  • a box of HK chocolate candies. They're hollow eggs, with a small toy inside.
  • HK strawberry Pocky
  • A HK nail file
  • HK peppermints
  • A HK charm with a rotating face with different moods (from her daughter, "so I will know how my day will be")
  • A HK pencil
  • HK Pez
Other than the postage to Paris, France being like a punch in the gut, I had a great time. I hope she likes her swap.

Did I mention she was from Paris, France?


Jenn said...

Wow! All that HK goodness, all the way from Paris, France! She seems really sweet and the kiddies, too. Yay for Kitty-chan and Paris, France!

Penny Karma, aka the F-Bomb Mom said...

That's SO COOL!! I love me some Hello Kitty!

yoel said...

What do they call Hello Kitty in Paris, France? Bonjour chat?

What a fantastic swap package. I love the cool gloves.