Friday, April 24, 2009

Bonjour Chat

My swap partner got her package yesterday (in Paris, France), so I can do the big reveal. When she opened her box, she saw this:

As far as HK stuff, I raided the bins at our Sanrio outlet.

  • Keroppi stickers
  • a HK watch
  • a HK notepad
  • a HK business card holder (with the Eiffel Tower on it because my partner is from Paris, France)
  • a HK eraser
  • more HK notepads (apparently I was note-pad obsessed, probably because I was concerned about the postage to Paris, France)
  • a HK ruler
  • two HK draw-string bags, one being the perfect size for a sock project (these were from the lovely Tammie who bought a set for my swap partner and a set for me as well)
  • HK ribbon
  • HK gum
  • still more HK notepads (these were actually post-its from Target)
  • a HK nail file

And for the knitted goodies:

  • a HK washcloth
  • HK stitch-markers
  • HK mitts
  • a HK-inspired purse
The Details

The HK washcloth was Miss Meow from Knit-Wit's Heaven. Their patterns are very easy to follow, not expensive, and infinitely varied. I used Tahki Cotton Classic.

The stitch markers are LaDiDa stitch markers by Suzanne. We've all been pressuring Suzanne to open an Etsy shop, but for now her markers are available through Knitorious.

I bought the charms on ebay and specially commissioned Suzanne to make the HK markers. Many of my friends got one, my partner got four, I kept about 8, and I have about 8 more to trade.

The mitts were Twee by Anuska Tay in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

I used a HK ribbon for the cuffs. It was an easy pattern, very soft. Believe her when she calls for 1.5 yards of ribbon. I initially went with one yard, which made tres cute bows, but the gloves had to be tugged on. I would absolutely make this pattern again for myself.

The glamor piece is the HK-inspired purse.

The pattern is the Cable Knit Purse by Aikarin. The yarn is Rowan Big Wool and I added two more cable repeats. I could not find any HK fabric that I liked for the lining, so the purse is more HK-inspired than truly HK. I went with a pink and black lining and added an interior pocket (because all purses should have a pocket) and a penny (so that it may never be empty). I love the thought of this purse wending its way through the streets of Paris, France.

What's funny to me is that we pretty much sent one another the same thing: black mitts with bows, purses, and a square. Of all the HK loot I sent, the one thing I regretted not buying for myself was a nail file ... and I got one in trade ... and mine is from Paris, France, not an outlet mall on the flood plain.

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