Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Status Report

We're 1/4 of the way through the year. Time to check on those resolutions.
  • Keep my craft room tidy: I have not been doing well here. In my defense, we don't heat that room, so hopefully I will do better come spring. I make small efforts and can genuinely say that it's not getting worse.
  • Knit 12 charity items this year: Also not going well. I did pull some FOs to donate, but my general habit is to sit and crank out a blue ton of charity projects at once. I haven't done it yet.
  • Finish one sweater I cast on back in May and one sweater I cast on back in April: No progress at all. I did start and finish a new sweater, so I haven't added to my stock of UFOs at least.
  • Knit three pairs of socks: Hah! (more on this later)
  • Try shape note singing: I have. Several times. I'm having a hard time falling in love with it and still don't feel like I've found which part will be my permanent home. I tend to get tense and then worry about messing up my voice for an upcoming rock star gig. I've skipped quite a bit lately but will be going back next Monday.
  • Blog regularly: Not as badly as I feared.
  • Drink more water: I've fallen off the wagon a bit, but did remember to pack my water bottle this morning.
  • Be kind to telemarketers and missionaries: I'm still working on it. Whenever I feel myself getting crabby, I remind myself of my resolution. The problem is a big part of me feels like it's kind to cut a telemarketer off. No matter how much he or she says, I won't be subscribing to the newspaper. Isn't it kind to save us both the time?

By way of a status report on the socks, witness Exhibit A:

Sock Projects #1-3 are done. Sock project #4 is back on track, with about 2" of the second sock underway. Sock Project #5 and Sock Project #6 are each halfway done and being presented to the public by Yma. Things are progressing in a logical order, which always makes me feel much better.

I'm also happily cooking again. I cooked all winter, but the grey light never did make me feel like taking photos.

I went through an Amish friendship bread phase. This version (one of my last) used pistachio pudding, chopped pistachios, and chopped dates. Let's just say, everyone is glad that phase is over. I've started using all those pudding packets to make actual pudding.

Now that spring is here, I've cracked open one of my favorite cookbooks, Having Tea by Tricia Foley. On Sunday, I made the recipe for slow-scrambled eggs and served them along with smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers on rye crisps. My sister loves this recipe, but for some reason I haven't made it often. No pic, but I can provide the recipe:
  • Melt 4T of butter (yep!) in the top of a double boiler. Set aside to cool for 5 minutes. Crack 6 eggs (yep!) and 1/4 c heavy cream (yep!) into the bowl of melted butter. Place back over low heat (barely simmering water) and slowly fold the eggs until large, soft curds appear. Garnish with chopped, fresh chives.
On Tuesday, I made buttermilk scones served with fresh butter and lingonberry jam:

LB brought back another slab o'bacon from his road trip.

It's smoky and salty and fabulous. It's been eaten straight with many an egg and has also made its way into quiche, baked beans, and, last night, andouille (Fair Shares) with okra and tomatoes (also Fair Shares).

The sheer unctuous quality of this bacon combined with the okra, which has its own unctuous issues, blew my mind.


Ann said...

And when you can use the word unctuous in a sentence, you should.
; )

Bridgett said...

I want to try shape note singing. I have for some time now. I just am not in the right spot in my life, I think, to take on a totally new hobby. Tell me more the next time I see ya.

Suzy Rust said...

That okra and bacon looks wonderful! I can't wait to see your Belleville postcards, I may not get there till Sunday, but I'm sure they'll have plenty of junky ones left! (That's another good thing about junk -- plenty of it!)

Peggy said...

That egg recipe is amazing. Takes awhile but is completely worth the effort. And it's very kid-friendly: I fondly remember many mornings with the preschool-aged niece and nephew perched on a cooler, folding the eggs. They felt helpful, I got my caffeine going, and everyone else woke up to a succulent-yet-fluffy breakfast.

The book is worth it for that recipe alone, but even more so for the scone and carrot cupcake recipes.