Friday, April 10, 2009


I had the deadline wrong on my talk. It's NEXT Saturday, not this Saturday. On the plus side, I got a big jump start on polishing my talk.

For a few days there, I thought I had found two different photos of the same civil war solider in the same sweater. Now that I look though, it's two different guys, but pretty much the same sweater pattern. I think I've got a wee crush on both guys, but like this one a bit more for the tilt of his hat and his smooth face. **forcefully tearing myself away from impure thoughts about a man at least 132 years older than I am. But damn, he's a cutie.**

I finished Sock Project #4 yesterday, thanks to Ann's hospitality.
Finishing Sock Project #4 freed the 2s for going back to Sock Project #6. This morning, I finished the heel flap on Sock Project #5. Things are good; Sock Projects #1-4 are done and 5-6 are progressing in a rational manner. I even stopped myself from beginning Sock Project #8, although Dyeabolical yarn in the Old Jeans colorway is calling out mightily.

I've also been resisting the siren song of casting on another project for my Hello Kitty swap partner. I've been operating on a cash basis for about a year now. No cash = no purchases. The $1 in cash that I've been pinching since Wednesday won't buy the Rowan Big Wool I'm craving.

Fortunately, having the wrong date on my guild talk means that I can work this weekend. Work = cash = yarn.

Cooking: A Victorian Poppy Seed Cake from Tricia Foley's Having Tea.
It's nearly impossible to go wrong when the recipe starts with three sticks of butter and eight eggs.


Ann said...

Ok, now I'm mad that you didn't bring that cake over. It looks fabu... : )

Bridgett said...

Yeah, hard to go wrong that way.

Those sweaters, though, they do nearly match. Intriguing.

Suzy Rust said...

That guy is cute!

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Sorry Ann. I poured a citrus syrup over the just as it came out of the oven & it needed to cool for the rest of the day.

Suzy--I know!!!!! Damn cute.

Peggy said...

Having Tea is the bestest everest tea book in the history of tea.