Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Knit from Dusk 'til Dawn

Yesterday was the day after Candlemas, meaning we are that much closer to spring. It was a lovely knitting day. I finished Matthew's gloves in the morning. He came and picked them up at the LYS in the afternoon, gifting me with some Mardi Gras jewelry and posing for photos. I also bartered for a few more beads for some friends.

Once my hands have recovered (this yarn was brutal to work with), I would knit for Matthew again. He has all the right reactions and told me the gloves made him feel butch. I know he'll wear them for years in the Mardi Gras "drag race" at Clementine's. He's sure to be up on the balcony, waving like a beauty queen to the crowd below.

In the evening, I knit with my friend Margaret to show her the three needle bind-off on the EZ ribwarmer, also a lovely event.

Except for the brutal yarn, a few more days like that and I should build up enough happiness reserves to make it through the rest of the winter.


yoel said...

For a sec I was really intrigued by this person who has hands that are different sizes and colors. Then I was like, oh. The gloves are awesome!

Unknown said...

LOVE these gloves...thanks for the inspiration!