Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Write What You Know

Clearly it was too good to be true. I found a plagiarized paper.

Here's a few tips, kids.
  • Unless you already write like a professional journalist, don't copy a newspaper article for your paper.
  • Changing "Heroin traditionally has been associated with older junkies in urban areas ..." to "Usually heroin is associated with older junkies in urban areas ..." is still plagiarism.
  • Confessing to me that you "did a little research" in your self-evaluation still does not excuse the above.
  • Taking your introduction from here and your body paragraphs from here does not qualify as "a little research," nor does it qualify as writing.
  • When I say to "write what you know," odds are you don't know jack shit about black tar heroin. Pick a different topic.


On the desk:

  • 2 annotated bibliographies
  • 17 8-page research papers (I may have culled the good ones to get me motivated to start; this strategy may prove to have been a mistake)
  • 7 6-page group projects proposing a solution to a campus problem (4 of these are on the laundry rooms)
  • 8 3-page essays complaining about a problem at school (no solution required)
  • 42 finals


  • 8 finals

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