Friday, December 19, 2008

Sooooo close!

Last night, I began knitting again. I left out a stitch when casting on and had to rip after the fourth row. Later, I knit and ripped and repeated the same row four times, all because I was too tired to read the pattern correctly.

LB made dinner, which I vaguely recall involving bockwurst and leftovers. I couldn't even manage to watch television, let alone grade any more papers. As a result, I was up at 5:45 to do as much as I could before my 7 a.m. exam. The final final, if you will.

I am seriously dehydrated.
On the desk:
  • 1 3-page essay complaining about a problem at school (no solution required)
  • 48 finals (careful readers may notice that the number should be 50, but 2 students did not appear for the final)
  • 1 annotated bibliography and 1 research paper from a student who got an incomplete in the spring semester (as in May '08). This student finally responded to my repeated threats of "YouWillFailThisClassIfYouDoNotTurnInYourWork!!!!!" by turning in a butchered copy (she claims her computer ate it) the day after the grading deadline.


  • one all-day rock star gig tomorrow

1 comment:

yoel said...

You are so nice. I would fail these mofos who don't turn stuff in on time! What does a pass mean, if there is no fail? Maybe I am being a big old grouch!