Saturday, December 27, 2008

Off the Wagon

Clearly I've fallen off the blog wagon. No special reason why. No crisis. I even have semi-regular access to a computer at the moment, albeit with no photo hookup.

The post that has been roiling through my brain over the past week is about a student in complete denial about his own relationships to the grades he earned. Whatever I would say would read too much like an homage to A Gentleman's C.

A challenging semester as he let down even the slacker group, his posting to a nameless professorial feedback site, and a series of back and forth emails finally culminated in me informing him after he demanded an explanation for the "absolutely ridiculous . . . [10 point] gap" between his collaborative grade and his fellow group members': "Basically, everyone in your group gave you a grade 50 points lower than the average grade. I rounded up."

End of email exchange. Still, his vengeful and inaccurate post is out there and I'm annoyed.

In happier news, I'm knitting. Out of the Handknit Holidays book, I've knitted the purse, the kerchief, and now the slippers. All in the past eight days.

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Anna McClurg said...

Geez, Deborah! You are a knitting machine! I wish I could knit that fast... I still have a sweater to finish knitting my sister that I gave her as a Christmas gift. Hopefully I will complete the thing before it gets warm again.