Monday, November 24, 2008

Process Knitting

I always knew I was a process knitter, but Where's Bob (ravelry link) provided concrete proof.

He's all process, no product.

On the process end, I ripped this about five times. The first time, I couldn't remember how to do illusion knitting. The second time, I realized I needed to add some stockinette rows before starting the chart. The third time, I accidentally cast on five too few stitches. The fourth time, I realized that I needed to add at least three stitches to each side of the chart so that Bob wouldn't blend in with the border (I didn't realize this until past the halfway point). The fifth time, I had accidentally left out a row many rows back.

The sixth time was the charm, but now there's not product really.

I don't own a Boston terrier. I don't know anyone with a Boston terrier who might need a gift. I don't need to make him into a pillow or a tote bag. I don't like cotton dishcloths.
Bob, at the moment, is living his life on the floor of my LYS, hoping to entice someone else in the process.

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