Friday, October 03, 2008

Lady Charlotte

Lady Charlotte Guest is one of my heroes. She not only ran her husband's business, she brought a great deal of Welsh folklore to light by translating and publishing the Mabinogion.

I've read her biography and diaries, and let me tell you, this woman practically jumped out of bed after giving birth to her ninth child and got to writing. She was racing to get her work out and published before a rival, later revealed to be a fraud, plagiarized her research. Seriously, not two hours after popping out the kid and she was back to work.

She was also responsible for promoting the so-called Welsh national dress. In this case, calling it a national costume (which generally one is not supposed to do) is a little more appropriate, in that the outfit was largely invented in the nineteenth century.

In honor of Lady Charlotte, I present a Welsh knitter.

You can read more about Lady Llanover here and here.

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