Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why, Oh Why?

When I first saw Flat Feet about six months ago, I thought, "Who the hell would pay $25 for the privilege of unravelling something knitted and then knitting it again, kinks and all, into something else knitted?"

Well, me apparently.

It must be the mystery I crave. I'm generally stingy with spending cash on things, but I seldom mind spending for an experience. Flat Feet are an experience. Who knows what this will knit up like?

I poured over Ravelry pics and did notice that the more subdued, pale colorways knit up looking particularly washed out.

These are intended for LB, since I thought he might enjoy the idea of the unknitting and reknitting, the mystery. His reaction was a bit like mine, "Why?" Oh, and "Thank you for bringing me a diaper."

1 comment:

yoel said...

Hold on there, that's a *very colorful knitted* diaper!