Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pretty Picture Day

I'm knitting away on the alpaca scarf, only a few rows here and there, just enough to rationalize that it's not another UFO.

I've also been putting off grading by beginning a Mardi Gras stole, never mind that I didn't finish last year's Mardi Gras stole. With 240 stitches and a yarn change every two rows, I can while away most of the evening making very little progress and still feeling like I'm having a good time.

Today I gently suggested that a student make a fresh start next semester. I hadn't seen him for the last five classes. I don't have his first essay, and I'll be damned if I inflict him on any of my other students for the next assignment, a collaborative one.

These girls, on the other hand, are very industrious.

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