Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Such Thing

I thought I'd seen yesterday's girls before, so I went rummaging through old posts tagged postcards. No luck. Eventually, on an old flash drive, I found the girls I'd been thinking of. Not the same, but similar. Wherever they're from, that knitting looks pretty essential to keeping them warm.

Yesterday, the man I love, the man who drove off for a 2-day trip 7 days ago, called me from the highway to tell me he was finally on his way home. As a bonus, he'd picked up a homeless hitchhiker and a kitten. Initially, the plan was that the homeless guy go to the shelter and the kitten go into quarantine while we found a home for it. We ended up taking the former out to dinner last night and having him crash in the house we're rehabbing. The kitten quarantine has been more successful.

I can't afford to keep either, so they're both free to a good home. Together or separately. Take your pick.

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