Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Holy Crap!

Civil War I-Cord.

I had been told there was no such thing. Never entirely believed the naysayers, but didn't much feel up to arguing. Anyway, here's proof:


Women and girls may frequently save pence by being able to knit their own stay-laces.

Q. Do you know how to knit a stay-lace ?

A. Yes, ma'am ; I cast-on three stitches, I knit them off, and pass them to the contrary end of the right needle, and the thread will then lie at the back of the knitting.

Q. Well?

A. I begin and knit them off again, and pass them to the opposite end of the needle, as before. I proceed in the same manner with every row, and thus I produce a strong round cord."

Source: Plain needle-work, in all its branches; prepared for the use of the national and industrial schools of the Holy Trinity, at Finchley. (Finchley National and Industrial Schools of the Holy Trinity, 1852). Available on the lovely Google Books.

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yoel said...

Wow! That would be a very tediously long I-cord. Talk about motivation to pull the corset a little tighter!