Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Time Flies

It's one of those days, and I knew pretty pictures would come in handy.

In honor of the sheep and wool festival, which I missed yet again.

Edited to add: The text reads "Saa sulla ho Mor Paa Rokken sin." The card was issued by a publisher in Crookston, MN, but made in Germany as were so many cards of this period. It's probably from after 1907, since it's what's known as a "divided back postcard."

I don't recognize the language.


Anonymous said...

Deborah, can you transcribe that caption? I tried blowing up the pic but still can't read it. Interesting pic. Love the little girl with the doll. What would you say, 1890s? 1900 or so?


Cindy said...

I think the language may be Norwegian. The "aa" is a way of writing a special Norwegian character that doesn't come in the standard English typeset.

"Mor" is mother in Norwegian, but I'm not sure of the other words. If I can find my Norsk/Englsk dictionary, I'll try to translate it for you.