Monday, September 29, 2008

A Frenzy of Knitting

I may have accidentally knitted from 8 am to 1030 pm on Saturday. And really, not so much accidentally. In my defense, I did take a few breaks--to drive to knitting guild, to drive home from knitting guild, to change the DVDs, to eat junk food.

LB has broken two toes, so our camping trip got nixed. He's crabby b/c his foot hurts. I'm crabby b/c it's just one other monkey wrench in the chaos that is our life.

Thus, I knitted with a frenzy. The Mardi Gras stole is done, minus several hours of tacking down the loose ends with sewing thread.

I may have been doing all that knitting in order to avoid grading. So help me, when I hit the description of the barn that "smelled like man ewer," I was done. Damn. You know that has to be one nasty smelling barn.

I may also have misplaced my digital camera.

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

I will file that under the "help I'm knitting and I can't stop." Sorry to hear about LB's mangled (did I spell that right?) toes.