Monday, August 11, 2008


I neglected to officially join, but I'm sworn to work only on UFOs during the Olympics. First FO is the more like a semi-final, in that it's only the first sock of a pair:

Nancy Bush's Oak Ribbed Sock out of Regia Nation Color. I love the heel on this sock, not as crazy about the toe. It's been set aside as a travel project. This is why I have so many UFOs.

I've also been in an endless cooking cycle.

First, a goat cheese and tomato tart with a polenta crust (eggs, cheese, basil, tomato from Fair Shares):

The cantaloupe went into a cantaloupe chiffon pie (cantaloupe from Fair Shares):

and because I neglected to pay attention I also got a batch of pumpkin pie spiced butter, which is great because although I worked more of the cantaloupe into a cantaloupe berry smoothie,

in order to make smoothies, I bought bananas and because I had so many bananas, I made banana bread in the slow cooker.
This is also probably why I have so many UFOs.

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wheelinsticks said...

That looks yummy!