Thursday, August 07, 2008

Greens, well not Beige at any rate

I don't always cook beige, really. It's just that I've tended to do fairly simple side dishes with many of our Fair Shares vegetables. My favorite is to take a vegetable peeler to a zucchini or summer squash and saute the wide ribbons in a little olive oil and garnish with some herbs. Delicious, but hardly worth photographing. I blanched the green beans; no need for a photo there either.
  • Still, our Fair Shares blueberries went to blueberries and cream, which made me think of my Nanny. It's how she always ate them.

  • I pickled the beets with some spices and a sliced orange. They were not this blurry in person.

  • I used the slow cooker, eggplant, mushrooms, and tomatoes to make a pasta sauce for our Mangia pasta (which I have never liked, btw).
I used the tomatoes and eggs and peaches to make eggs benedict.

  • I used our Fair Shares eggplant, pepper, onion, mysterious pale green squash, zucchini, eggs, and the rest of the bread to make ratatouille bread pudding (yes, Fi, another savory bread pudding--love 'em!)

The last is, I'll admit, a little beige, but trust me, there's lots of greens in there.


Thanks to Rachel, I was able to make sugar cones for a civil war event.

During much of the nineteenth century, sugar was sold in cones and the buyer would cut off what was needed. After about 12 hours of drying time and many unproductive trips in search of period-appropriate blue paper and much assembling, gluing, and packaging, I managed to sell all of one. Still, they'll keep for future events.

I also sold a knit hat, just about as soon as it was made.

I've since made two more and am so in love with the shape right now I may never stop. It's definitely a knitting kick.

LB came home with 2 seed ticks, but I came home with two lovelies.

  • hand made silk and leather boots by Anna Allen.

  • a hand-spun, hand-dyed skein of fingering weight yarn by Linda Little

So black boots, yellow yarn, blue and brown hat, blue sugar cones, and lots of greens. Barely any beige at all.

I'm tickled pink.

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