Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Moth Ravelry

Just about every forum in Ravelry gets moth questions on it. Not necessarily moth answers, but lots of moth questions.

It's making me incredibly paranoid.

I used to volunteer at the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, and we'd regularly get kids with lice or scabies. I'd spot the little nits whenever I was washing hair and would come home absolutely creepy-crawling with paranoid sympathetic itching.

If it's your own kid with head lice, it must feel even worse, with the added layer of guilt layered on.

I'm thinking moths must be like that.

Or maybe crabs.


Carrie said...

All the moth stuff makes me paranoid too.

My yarn doesn't reside in ziplock bags or rubbermaid containers. According to Ravelry, I'm doomed.

yoel said...

Uh oh, I think I'm doomed too! Although I've never seen a moth here, and I really don't have too much yarn, and I'd be kinda happy to have them chomp away at the meagre rest of the stash.

By the way, that creepy, itchy feeling you get after talking/thinking about lice, ticks, moths, rashes, and the like, is called the "id reaction."

Annie said...