Monday, July 07, 2008

As I Suspected

I've been fretting over having lost some knitting silk that I'd bought up in Cedar Rapids. Also, based on the location of the needlework shop, I was fairly certain it was under water from all the flooding. I was kicking myself for feeling irked at my inconvenience and not compassionate enough about their crisis.

Then, going back through my blog, I found the photo I'd taken right after the trip, showing all my haul. You know, I'd only bought one skein of the teal silk after all.

I'm trying to reproduce* this miser's purse that sold recently at an online auction:


*I'm not actually reproducing, since I'm making some changes--I'm making the center section all one color and am also making the center section less lacy. I'll likely use silver beads and rings instead of gold. So my purse will be exactly the same, only different. It's to be for Dearest Diana.

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